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Enhance your style and brighten your day with our Miscellaneous Scrunchies, featuring delightful prints chosen with your interests in mind. Indulge in the joy of a pop of color or pattern that resonates with you!

At D3Xperiments, we are dedicated to minimizing textile waste by repurposing small fabric remnants that wouldn't make it into our adult garments. Each Scrunchie is thoughtfully crafted from these cast-off fabrics, encased in 100% cotton material and equipped with a size 64 rubber band core, providing a stretchability of up to 17 inches**.

Discover the perfect accessory to express your individuality and elevate your hairstyles. Our planet-friendly and stylish Scrunchies are a celebration of unique prints and sustainable fashion.

**Please note that the maximum stretch of the final Scrunchie may be limited by the length of its fabric encasement due to the random sizes of scrap fabric used.

Scrunchies* - Misc.

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  • In order to continue providing free shipping, a $35.00 minimum cart total is required at checkout. There is no minimum number of items required, as long as the total purchase meets or exceeds $35.00. 

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