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D3Xperiments came about for the joy of creativity and art. Burnt out and run down from the weight of the world today, we decided to try something different, something that feels good and makes our hearts happy. We decided to refill our "health points" through sewing, and crafting, and sharing our art and joy with others. We choose our product designs and materials because they not only feel good to use but they feel good to make. We hope you'll enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy creating them.

Karen, D3Xperiments Owner


My name is Karen DeCristoforo

In third grade, I won a blue ribbon at the county fair for a rag doll I sewed, and I haven't stopped sewing since. By middle school, I was sewing costumes for to wear to history camp and the renaissance fair. In high school, I sewed my prom dresses. Throughout college, I focused my research on the who-what-where-when-why-how's of fashion (whether the course *really* pertained to it or not). I earned my MA in Textiles Clothing and Design from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 2011. Since graduation I have taught college students how to sew, designed and created original pieces for Rodeo Queens and professional circus performers, and enjoyed making cosplays for myself and friends. My family has been sewing for seven generations and I love carrying on that tradition!


D3Xperiments is the product of a creative heart inspired by family. The creation of art in many forms was a constant outlet for the growing daughters of the DeCristoforo household. As our studies progressed, so did our desire to share our talents with the world around us. After many years of finding joy in crafting items for those near and dear to us, we have decided to take the next step and make our hand-crafted items available to everyone. 

D3Xperiments family
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