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Step into the world of your favorite comics, TV shows, and books with our Comics, TV & Book prints collection. Each jumpsuit features iconic characters and images that bring your beloved stories to life.

Our 1930s Style Jumpsuits are inspired by the vintage "Beach Pajama" design, lovingly adapted for a modern fit. Wider armholes accommodate stronger shoulders, while a higher rise ensures comfort and protection against chaffing. And yes, we've added pockets because we know how much you love them!

Choose your preferred size, and then explore a delightful array of licensed fabric patterns. Quantities are limited, so don't miss the chance to own a unique piece that showcases your fandom.

Looking for something extra special? Customize your jumpsuit with our alteration options. Convert it to the original 1930's pattern or select a shorter inseam for a personalized fit. Review our sizing info to find the perfect match for your style and comfort.

1930's Jumpsuits - Comics, TV & Book Prints

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  • Small: 

    • Fits 28"-32" Waist
    • Body Length 32"
    • Inseam 30"


    • Fits 32"-36" Waist
    • Body Length 33"
    • Inseam 30"


    • Fits 36"-40" Waist
    • Body Length 34"
    • Inseam 30"


    • Fits 40"-44" Waist
    • Body Length 34"
    • Inseam 30"


    The wrap closure on top and the free flowing palazzo style pants accomodate a large range of chest and hip measurements so our jumpuit sizes are determined by waist measurement.

    If your waist measurement is on the high end of a size (32", 36", 40") we suggest sizing up. 

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