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Welcome to the portal of personalization! Our Jumpsuits, woven from 100% cotton fabrics, are waiting to be tailored to your unique taste and fit. A simple alteration, such as extending the body length or shortening the inseam, will quickly upgrade your jumpsuit with a bit of bespoke flair.

Tailoring your Jumpsuit is simple:

1.  Choose between altering the Body Length to the Original 1930s style or maintaining the current length.

2.  Pick your Preferred Inseam Length, rounded up to the nearest inch.

3.  Select the Size of the Jumpsuit you wish to alter.

4.  Specify the Fabric Pattern for each Jumpsuit you're altering.

5.  Adjust the total quantity of Jumpsuits needing alterations.

Please submit a separate 'Alter My Jumpsuit' form for each unique alteration needed.

Please note that the alteration process takes time and might cause a slight delay in shipping. Also, be aware that once customized, these jumpsuits are exempt from return or exchange.

Alter My Jumpsuit

PriceFrom $10.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Small (28" - 32" Waist)

    • 34" Body
    • 26" Inseam

    Medium (32" - 36" Waist)

    • 35" Body
    • 26" Inseam

    Large (36" - 40" Waist)

    • 36" Body
    • 26" Inseam

    XL (40" - 44" Waist)

    • 36" Body
    • 26" Inseam
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