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Embrace thrills and chills with our Door Pants in Horror Movie prints. Comfortable for cozy movie nights, yet functional enough to make a speedy getaway from any on-screen villain!

Door Pants offer the perfect blend of comfort and functionality with some exciting upgrades from our original PJ Bottoms design. We've enhanced the waistband with wider, sturdier elastic and improved its attachment to the legs for a more secure fit. The lengthened waistband drawstring makes tying easier, and the standard open fly adds convenience. Care instructions are now stamped on clean white pockets for easier reading.

These Door Pants provide all the comforts you love while adding essential features to keep you feeling at ease. Whether you're snuggled up for a movie night or dashing away from danger, our Door Pants have you covered.

Door Pants - Horror Movie Prints

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • XS

    • Waist - Fits up to 30"
    • Inseam - 29"


    • Waist - Fits up to 32"
    • Inseam - 29"


    • Waist - Fits up to 34"
    • Inseam - 29"


    • Waist - Fits up to 36"
    • Inseam - 30"


    • Waist - Fits up to 38"
    • Inseam - 30"


    • Waist - Fits up to 40"
    • Inseam - 30"
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