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Explore the world of your favorite movies and TV shows with our PJ Bottoms in Movie and TV prints. Embrace the nostalgia of old favorites and the excitement of new classics as you lounge in comfort and style.

PJ Bottoms are among the first products D3Xperiments introduced, thoughtfully designed with a tapered-leg and pajama-style fit, featuring large pockets and a loose-fitting waistband for ultimate coziness. Whether you're binge-watching your beloved series or gearing up for a gaming session, our PJ Bottoms are the perfect attire for embracing your fandom at the next convention or simply relaxing at home.

With a wide range of movie and TV-themed prints, our PJ Bottoms allow you to express your passion for iconic characters, unforgettable moments, and beloved franchises. From fantasy realms to action-packed adventures, our Movie and TV prints collection brings your favorite entertainment right to your wardrobe.

PJ Bottoms - Movies & TV

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • XS

    • Waist - Fits up to 31"
    • Inseam - 29"


    • Waist - Fits up to 33"
    • Inseam - 29"


    • Waist - Fits up to 35"
    • Inseam - 29"


    • Waist - Fits up to 37"
    • Inseam - 30"


    • Waist - Fits up to 39"
    • Inseam - 30"


    • Waist - Fits up to 41"
    • Inseam - 30"
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