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Level up your gaming experience with our PJ Bottoms featuring iconic Video Game prints.

PJ Bottoms were among the first products introduced by D3Xperiments. Designed with a tapered-leg and pajama-style fit, they boast large pockets and a loose-fitting waistband, ensuring optimal comfort during your gaming sessions and relaxation time. Whether you're immersed in intense battles or exploring virtual worlds, our Video Game prints collection allows you to showcase your gaming passion with style.

Perfect for lounging, conquering quests, or representing your favorite video game characters at conventions, our PJ Bottoms are the ideal choice for gamers who value both comfort and fandom. From classic retro games to modern favorites, our Video Game prints will keep you inspired and ready for your next gaming adventure.

Feel the excitement of your favorite video games as you slip into our PJ Bottoms, making your gaming experience even more enjoyable and immersive.

PJ Bottoms - Video Games

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • XS

    • Waist - Fits up to 31"
    • Inseam - 29"


    • Waist - Fits up to 33"
    • Inseam - 29"


    • Waist - Fits up to 35"
    • Inseam - 29"


    • Waist - Fits up to 37"
    • Inseam - 30"


    • Waist - Fits up to 39"
    • Inseam - 30"


    • Waist - Fits up to 41"
    • Inseam - 30"
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