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Embark on magical adventures with our hand-made smocked dress, tailor-made for young wizards in the enchanting 5T age range. The intricately hand-stitched smocking features stylized elements of the Deathly Hallows symbol, adding a touch of wizardry to every detail. Made from 100% cotton fabric, the dark blue dress boasts the iconic Deathly Hallows pattern in a lighter blue shade.

The bodice, lined for added comfort, ensures a cozy feel for your little enchantment seeker. The dress is not just stylish but also practical, featuring a growth pleat at the hem that can be unstitched, adding an extra 2 inches in length for those unexpected growth spurts. Let the magic of wizardry be as comfortable as it is enchanting!

Crafted for both style and play, this dress captures the essence of wizarding wonders. Ideal for magical gatherings and everyday enchantment, it brings the spirit of the Deathly Hallows to life. Watch your little one revel in their unique magic, whether in the wizarding world or the backyard.


(Size 5T) Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Blue Smocked Dress

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  • Back from shoulder to shoulder: 10.50"

    Length from shoulder to hem: 28.00"

    Neck circumference: 13.75"

    Sleeve circumference: 8.00"

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