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Classic Comfort. Creative Designs. Quality Fashion.

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Welcome to D3Xperiments—where creativity meets comfort!
We craft one-of-a-kind, limited-edition loungewear that reflects your fandoms and passions. Our unique designs, made from 100% cotton, are perfect for cozy moments at home or making a statement at conventions. Join us in embracing the joy of exclusive, small-batch creations! 🚀✨ #D3Xperiments #GeekLoungewear

Browse our selection today and find what makes you happy.
(Did we mention they have pockets?)

Days of the Dead, LV 2024
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2024.webp

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2024

We're heading off to Phoenix for the weekend. Lots of cosplay, plenty of fandom-related merch, and all sorts of fun!
Click the link below for more info and tickets. Stop by and say hello for special event pricing!

Phoenix, AZ
May 24-26, 2024

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